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Manual Installation

1. Download archive

Open your account page at the and download the archive from the “Downloads” page into <magento_root>/swissup folder.

Do not unpack the archive! Just put it into <magento_root>/swissup folder.

2. Install the package

Automatic mode
curl -s | bash -s - -l 'en_US en_GB'

Skip the ‘Manual mode’ chapter and proceed to the next one.

Manual mode
  1. Unpack downloaded archive into <magento_root>/vendor/swissup/artifacts folder:

    mkdir -p vendor/swissup/artifacts
    unzip swissup.argento-m2-[version].zip -d vendor/swissup/artifacts
  2. Run composer and magento commands:

    composer config repositories.swissupartifacts artifact $(pwd)/vendor/swissup/artifacts
    # 0. Get the sources
    composer require swissup/argento-m2
    # 1. Enable new modules
    php bin/magento module:enable Swissup_Core Swissup_Ajaxpro Swissup_Ajaxsearch Swissup_Amp Swissup_Askit Swissup_Attributepages Swissup_Compare Swissup_EasySlide Swissup_Easybanner Swissup_Easycatalogimg Swissup_Easytabs Swissup_Fblike Swissup_FeaturedAttributes Swissup_FontAwesome Swissup_Gdpr Swissup_GdprAskit Swissup_GdprTestimonials Swissup_Highlight Swissup_HoverGallery Swissup_Hreflang Swissup_Lightboxpro Swissup_Navigationpro Swissup_ProLabels Swissup_Reviewreminder Swissup_RichSnippets Swissup_Rtl Swissup_SeoCore Swissup_SeoHtmlSitemap Swissup_SeoPager Swissup_SeoUrls Swissup_SeoTemplates Swissup_SeoXmlSitemap Swissup_SlickCarousel Swissup_SoldTogether Swissup_Suggestpage Swissup_Testimonials Swissup_ThemeEditor Swissup_ThemeEditorArgentoEssence Swissup_ThemeEditorArgentoFlat Swissup_ThemeEditorArgentoLuxury Swissup_ThemeEditorArgentoPure2 Swissup_ThemeEditorArgentoMall Swissup_ThemeEditorArgentoStripes
    # 2. Run magento upgrade scripts
    php bin/magento setup:upgrade
    # 3. Remove outdated files
    rm -rf pub/static/_requirejs var/view_preprocessed pub/static/frontend/ pub/static/adminhtml/ generated/code/
    # 4. If you use Production Mode you need to deploy static content and run di:compile command
    php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy en_US en_GB
    php bin/magento setup:di:compile

3. Setup configuration and theme content

  1. Get your Identity Key
  2. Run theme installer in terminal. (You can also do that via backend interface at Swissup > Module Manager page.)

    # 1. Get the STORE_ID you need, from the store list (Use 0 to install theme for All Stores)
    php bin/magento store:list
    # 2. Get the THEME_CODE you need, from the themes list
    php bin/magento swissup:module:list --type=theme
    # 3. Run installer with STORE_ID and THEME_CODE parameters
    php bin/magento swissup:module:install --store=STORE_ID THEME_CODE IDENTITY_KEY
    Theme Code
    Essence Swissup_ThemeFrontendArgentoEssence
    Flat Swissup_ThemeFrontendArgentoFlat
    Pure2 Swissup_ThemeFrontendArgentoPure2
    Mall Swissup_ThemeFrontendArgentoMall
    Luxury Swissup_ThemeFrontendArgentoLuxury
    Stripes Swissup_ThemeFrontendArgentoStripes

3. Deploy sample data images

Sample images are located in ARGENTO_THEME/resources/media folder. Copy all contents of this folder into MAGENTO_ROOT/pub/media directory.

cp -R vendor/swissup/theme-frontend-argento-essence/resources/media/* pub/media/
cp -R vendor/swissup/theme-frontend-argento-flat/resources/media/* pub/media/
cp -R vendor/swissup/theme-frontend-argento-pure2/resources/media/* pub/media/
cp -R vendor/swissup/theme-frontend-argento-mall/resources/media/* pub/media/
cp -R vendor/swissup/theme-frontend-argento-luxury/resources/media/* pub/media/
cp -R vendor/swissup/theme-frontend-argento-stripes/resources/media/* pub/media/
cp -R vendor/swissup/module-amp/resources/media/* pub/media/
chmod -R 775 pub/media/easybanner pub/media/easyslide pub/media/highlight pub/media/wysiwyg

5. Install AMP

Skip this step, if you don’t need AMP version of your store.

If you are the Magento 2.1.* user, you need to apply additional patches to make AMP work with your magento version.

# 1. Get the STORE_ID you need, from the store list (Use 0 to install theme for All Stores)
php bin/magento store:list
# 3. Run installer with STORE_ID parameter
php bin/magento swissup:module:install --store=STORE_ID Swissup_Amp

That’s all. Navigate to you store to check your new theme:

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