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Argento “Can’t generate content” at Magento 2.2 homepage

Magento 2.2 version is not using that widget part anymore:


but it is included in installation for earlier versions support.


  1. Open your homepage content and turn off WYSIWYG editor to see the raw code
  2. Find all Highlight widgets
  3. Remove that part conditions_encoded="a:1:[i:1;a:4....;]]" from every widget
  4. Save. Enjoy!

Getting error: Required parameter ‘theme_dir’ was not passed

Such errors can happen if you have “virtual” themes instead of “normal”. That sometimes happens during the upgrade.


  • Go to PhpMyAdmin > Your Magento2 database
  • Find the "theme" table
  • And make sure that all theme types are set to '0'
  • In case any of them have type = '1' change it to '0'
  • Error should be gone
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