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It is recommendation. And not an error.

Every product has its manufacturer (or brand). With this warning Google recommends you to specify it. And you can easily achieve it with our module.

If you already have brand (manufacturer) product attribute then select it in module configuration. Otherwise you have to create such attribute, assign it to attribute set(s), fill it for products and then select it in module configuration.

Remember to clear Magento Cache.

It is recommendation. And not an error.

This warning occurs at products that has no reviews. Unfortunately we are helpless in this case. Please ask your customers to leave a review for product.

Once again it is recommendation. And not an error. Google won’t penalty your store for this. It recommends how you can improve your structured data.

Please check module configuration. There is config where you can set price valid date for all products. Just remember to update it from time to time.

If product has special price and it has special to date then priceValidUntil sets equal to special to date.

This Product is missing a global identifier (e.g. isbn, mpn or gtin8).

With this warning Google tells it would be really greate for your structured data to add global identifier of product.

For example, it can be MPN.

Structured data mpn

We setup to use SKU attribute as mpn also in this example. Check module configuration to find out where to set it.

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