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Custom Styles

AMP uses SASS preprocessing to minify resulting CSS styles and to allow you easily change main theme preferences.


Never change AMP core files, as they will be overwritten on the next update.

Theme customization can be accomplished with two custom files:

  • skin/frontend/tmamp/default/scss/abstracts/_custom.scss
  • skin/frontend/tmamp/default/scss/_custom.scss

AMP will automatically include these files as soon as you’ll create them.

The first one is for SASS variables. You can change any existing AMP variable in this file. Example:

$header-fixed: false;
$breadcrumbs-enabled: true;
$footer-background: #fff;
$footer-text-color: $dark-grey;

The second one is for custom styles. You can add additional styles here, or reset existing style, if it’s not customizable with SASS variables. Example:

.cms-index-index {
    .main.container {
        padding: 0 10px;
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