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Custom Theme

AMP provides an easy way to create custom theme with ability to add additional layout updates with local.xml or override existing templates.

In order to apply custom theme, you need to create new folder inside app/design/frontend/tmamp folder and select it in AMP configuration section.

You can also use custom styles files inside your custom theme skin folder


Let’s remove search icon and form from the header.

  1. Create app/design/frontend/tmamp/MYTHEME/layout/local.xml file with following content:

    <layout version="0.1.0">
            <remove name=""/>
  2. Create skin/frontend/tmamp/MYTHEME/scss/_custom.scss file with following content:

    .header .search-icon {
        @extend .hidden;
  3. Navigate to AMP configuration and select MYTHEME value for theme option.
  4. Clear cache and check result at frontend.
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