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Suspicious List

Suspicious list is a list of visitors with weird activity (too many open links) or with non-human user agents. You can add items to this list manualy. Extenstion can also add new items to suspicious list when bot detection enabled and default action is Confirm Human or Add to Suspicious List in extension configurations.

To manage suspicious list go to menu Templates Master > Bot Protection > Suspicious List in magento backend.

Suspucious list

To edit existing item in suspicious list - click on it.

To add new visitor to suspicious list click Add to Suspucious List.

Add to suspicious list

Notice: field User Agent is blocked for input. It is filled only when Bot Protection extension added item to Suspicious List by itself (bot detection feature).

In section Confirm human you can see option Ask visitor to confirm he is a human. If it is Yes, then visitor has to solve captcha next time he come to your store. If this option is No, then visitor stay in this list until store admin decide what to do with him. Admin can move this visitor to blakclist, whitelist or just delete it from suspicious list.

Below is example of suspicious list item.

Suspicious list example

In section Confirm human you can find out:

  • Did visitor comfirm he is human?
  • How many attempts he failed?

You can see when visitor last time came to your store in section Information.

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