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Bot Protection

Extension offers you one more line of defence from unwelcome visitors like crawlers, spam bots, spiders and other robots that try to steal your content.

And in the same time you can be sure that no one of Google or Bing robots will be blocked (except you want to block them).

  1. Installation
  2. Backend
  3. Frontend
  4. Changelog
How does Bot Protection works

Bot Protection is extension for Magento 1.x.

There are two levels at your hosting: web server and Magento. At first, request from visitor comes to web server. If web server does not know what to do with request, then it sends request further to Magento. Magento logs this request and Bot Protection starts its “magic”. BP hooks request and checks “is this request from blacklisted visitor?”. For blacklisted visitor Bot Protection extension shows “access denied” page with response code 403 (Forbidden). and the rest is on crawler’s side. “Good” crawler has to understand that code 403 means “you are not not welcomed at this site” and stop bother you.

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