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A whitelist is a list of visitors that are being provided a privilege to browse your store without any restrictions.

You can check your store whitelist at magento backend. Go to menu Templates Master > Bot Protection > Whitelist.


By default Google and Bing bots are whitelisted:

  • Google bots:
  • Microsoft bots:

To edit existing item in whitelist - click on it.

To add new visitor to whitelist click Add to Whitelist.

Add to whitelist

You can set visitor IP if you need to whitelist some specific visitor. Or you can set IP range if you need to whitelist group of visitors (set Range to Yes to do so). Example is on picture below.

Whitelist rule example

Values on this image mean that Googlebots from any IP are always welcome at your store. If you leave field Crawler/Bot Name empty, then every visitor is whitelisted when his IP address is in specified range .

You can see when bot was at your store last time in section Information.

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