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Countdown Timer

This module includes accurate timer that counts backward. It can help you to inform customers on any special event such as a start of grand sale or an arrival of new products in your store.

Countdown Timer comes with two widgets with simple interface. They can be placed in any CMS page, CMS block or other content, that allows using of widgets.

List of widgets:

  • Countdown Timer - Flip timer
  • Countdown Timer - Simple timer

Also includes:

  • jQuery verion 1.11.1

Extension configuration

Extension config extample

System configuration for Countdown Timer is very simple. Just one option (check image above). Go to menu System -> Configuration. Then in side menu select Countdown Timer in menu group Templates-Master.

Add jQuery library - with this option you can manage jQuery loading. If your store already uses jQuery, then you can set this option to No.

Timer designs

Timer Type Preview
Flip timer - Light Flip timer light
Flip timer - Dark Flip timer dark
Simple timer - Cmyk Simple timer cmyk
Simple timer - Thin Shadow Simple timer thin shadow
Simple timer - No Styles Simple timer no styles
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