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Newsletter Booster

Our module will help you to create customer segments based on history of customer orders, geographical parameters; add newsletter campaigns and send them to three separate user type groups based on different subscription source; track your newsletter performance with Google Analytics, verify email addresses before sending newsletter campaings.

The Newsletter Booster extension consists of two tightly integrated modules - Segmentation Suite and Newsletter Booster.

Please review the following basic terms before using a module.

Customer segment - it is a group of customers who share one or more attributes that are associated with marketing operations.

Newsletter Campaign- is an email campaign containing a newsletter sent to your customers.

All recipients are grouped in the following way:

Magento Subscribers - are default magento customers subscribed to the newsletter. Newsletter Booster subscribers - are users subscribed to the newsletter with Newsletter Booster’s features implementation. Segment Customers - are users categorised according to the created customer segment.

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