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Google considers the site speed as an important search rankings factor. It’s proved that Javascript and CSS minification achieved a 21% size reduction and that can make your store load up to 85% faster! Don’t throw away advantages of our new Page Speed extension for magento stores. It allows you to improve the overall web-shop performance by speeding up the page load time. You can use the extension for building better connections the online store and visitors. Customers actually will wait the page loading for less time, so they will start go shopping faster.

If you are running the website with a lot of images, scripts and content, the Page Speed module is must have solution for you. Meet the main features, that will help you to make website loading faster:

We recommend

  • Lazy image filter enabling will help to open page without loading all images.
  • HTML content compression will reduce page’s size.
  • Js and CSS files’ minification will reduce the size of appropriate files used on the page and will reduce the number of http request.
  • The optimization of images an be applied both for website’s skin and products images. It will help you to reduce the image sizes without changing the total look and quality.
  • Defer Js when enabled, it specifies that the script is executed when the page has finished parsing.

How to measure site grade?

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