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Use cases

How to display the product video in tabs

Go Admin>System>Configuration. Use the General fieldset and select the Tabs value in the Layout type field. Click Save Config.

Product videos

Go Admin > System > Templates-Master > Product Videos > Manage Videos. Click Add Video in the upper right corner of the page and follow next steps:

  • Use Video information tab and select the Youtube or Vimeo in the Video Type field.
  • In the Link to the video field paste the web-page link of the video that should be displayed. Click Load Video Information. Now you can view the video. The title and description fields were auto filled with useful information.
  • Fill the next fields according to your requirements and enable the Status.
  • Then go to Assign Products tab, choose the product you want to assign the video and click Save.
  • In order to create the video gallery, you have to add multiple videos as you wish, and to assign them to the same product.

Product videos

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