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  1. Attributepage block

Attributepage block


  1. This tutorial assumes that you already created custom theme based on one of Argento themes

    If you did not — go ahead, it will take 15 minutes.

  2. You should add images to all options of activity attribute too. Navigate to backend Swissup > Attribute Pages > Manage Pages for more information.

Let’s add Attributepages block that will show activity attribute.

  1. Create catalog_product_view.xml file in the following directory:

  2. Add the following content catalog_product_view.xml file and save it.

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <page xmlns:xsi=""
        <!-- Add block to the alert.urls container -->
        <referenceContainer name="alert.urls">
            <block class="Swissup\Attributepages\Block\Product\Option"
                    <argument name="attribute_code" xsi:type="string">activity</argument>
                    <argument name="use_image" xsi:type="boolean">true</argument>
                    <argument name="image_type" xsi:type="string">thumbnail</argument>
                    <argument name="width" xsi:type="number">50</argument>
                    <argument name="height" xsi:type="number">50</argument>
                    <argument name="use_link" xsi:type="boolean">true</argument>
                    <argument name="css_class" xsi:type="string">hidden-label</argument>

Clear Magento cache to see the result:

Attributepage widget on product page

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