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Theme Editor

Theme editor provides a quick way to change Argento styles with minimum css knowledge.

Theme editor is located at Magento Admin > Stores > Configuration > Swissup > Themes Editor. Select Argento Home among list of available themes there.


Layout section allows you to apply boxed, full-width or standard page layouts from backend settings.

Body background subsection name speaks for itself. Here you specify body background for page. Remember: body’s background is covered by page wrapper and it’s not visible. You need to limit max-width for Page wrapper to be able to see body background.

With Content wrapper subsection you can limit width of page content.

Take at look at the picture below with highlighted layout regions:

Argento Layout Structure

Header Styles

Check slider on top of the page to see how this config section looks like.

Argento Home Header

Default Home header is above. Be creative. Find color palette that suits best for your business and customize your store page header.

Header Builder

You can read about Header Builder here: Header Builder Manual

You can see options of footer section config in slider on top of the page. This section allows you to change background, colors and newsletter subscrition form.

Default look of the footer you can find below.

Argento Home Footer


You can customize primary and secondary buttons colors in this section.

Theme editor has dedicated subsection to customize “Add to Cart” buttons.

Fonts and Colors

Here you can change font and color for page titles and block titles. As well as color of final price at product page.

Category Page

You can read about Category Page Builder here: Category Page Builder Manual

Product Page

You can read about Product Page Builder here: Product Page Builder Manual

Additional css styles

Use this section to apply some advanced styling.


Below you can find example of theme customization.

Default colors Customized
Default Custom
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