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Special Offers

Special Offers

To show special offers block on selected category, follow the steps:

  1. go to Content > Blocks and create static block
  2. insert Highlight widget with Magazine Layout in block content
  3. select category in Catalog > Categories and configure:
    • Display Settings > Display Mode: Static Block and Products;
    • select created static block in Content > Add CMS Block.
  4. save category and refresh cache.

Widget Code:

{{widget type="Swissup\Highlight\Block\ProductList\Onsale" title="Special<br><span>Offers</span>" carousel="1" products_count="3" column_count="3" page_count="3" order="default" dir="desc" template="Magento_Catalog::product/list.phtml" mode="grid" show_page_link="0" hide_when_filter_is_used="1" css_class="hl-magazine hl-blue hl-contain" title_image_url="pub/media/highlight/argento/stripes/headphones-small.png"}}

Featured Attributes

Stripes theme includes Featured Attributes extension which allows to display selected product attributes on category page. You can select attributes in extension configuration.

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