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Is it open source?


Is it compatible with my theme/module?

We can’t say for sure, but most of the themes and modules are compatible with our module out of the box. It may not work as expected, if your module/theme do one of the following things:

  • Use redirect and does not consider amp parameter in URL
  • Rewrites core blocks and change their template programmatically (instead of layout updates usage) with template, that does not work properly without javascript

How to make my AMP discoverable by Google?

No action is required from your side. AMP module automatically adds amphtml link to the head section of desktop version of the page and Google crawler will fetch this information automatically.

Do I have to use HTTPS for AMP site?

Yes. We have a search form on the page and Google requires to use secure page in this case. Moreover, we recommend enabling HTTPS for your site to improve your Google ranking.

How to update Google AMP Cache?

It will be updated automatically:

When a user requests an AMP document from the Google AMP Cache, the cache automatically requests updates in order to be able to serve fresh content for the next user once the content has been cached. With this model, updates to AMP documents propagate automatically and quickly; few users will see the non-updated version after your update.

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