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Product option helper

Product option helper could be used to show the brand logo (or any other attribute) for particular product or for the product collection.

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Helper methods

Method Arguments Description
setCollection Product collection When collection is avaliable, helper will make a single database query to fetch all required attributes
setSize Two arguments: width and height Width and height of the image

Product option helper proxies all calls to the product option block that is used internally, so you can use any of product option block methods too:

Method Arguments Description
setProduct Product model Options of this product will be shown
setAttributeCode Attribute code or array of attribute codes Indicate attribute(s) to load
setAttributeToShow Attribute code or array of attribute codes Use to display only some of loaded options
setAttributeToHide Attribute code or array of attribute codes Use to hide some of loaded options
setParentPageIdentifier String or key => value array Use when some attribute is linked to multiple attribute pages and you want to clarify which to render. For example: brands/amd and computers/amd and you would like to build a link to computers/amd
setParentLinkTitle String or key => value array Use to show additional link aside of attribute image/text
setCssClass hidden-label
Hide page title
Center options
Show options line by line
Use clear: all for options list
setCssStyle Css styles: margin-top: 20px; border-bottom: 1px solid #eee; Use to customize any style
setUseImage Boolean or key => value array Ability to toggle between image and text modes
setUseLink Boolean or key => value array Ability to render option as link or as a plain image or text
setWidth Integer Image width
setHeight Integer Image height
setKeepFrame Boolean Set false to resize image by larger side only
setTemplate String Render options with custom template

Short notation

Display product brand logo on a product view page. Product will be fetched from registry automatically.

    echo $this->helper('Swissup\Attributepages\Helper\Product')

Full notation

Display brand and gender images for each product of the $_productCollection.

Brand logo will be rendered as a image link with additional link aside: Brand logo with 'View other brands' link aside

Gender attribute will be rendered as a non-link image: Gender icon

Please notice, that the code below is written inside $_productCollection loop

    echo $this->helper('Swissup\Attributepages\Helper\Product')
        ->setAttributeCode(['brand', 'gender'])
        ->setCssClass('hidden-label a-center')
            'brand'  => 'View other brands',
            'gender' => false
            'brand'  => true,
            'gender' => false
        ->setSize(38, 17)
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