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Use cases

Using Easy Slider as Magento widget

  1. Open page or block at magento admin.
  2. Open page content tab and click insert widget button.
  3. Select “EasySlider” widget.
  4. Select slider you want to place.
  5. Save changes.

Using Easy Slider as XML code

You can also insert Easy Slider block with XML code

<block class="Swissup\EasySlide\Block\Slider" name="">
        <argument name="identifier" xsi:type="string">slider-config-identifier</argument>

Using Easy Slider as block code

You can also insert Easy Slider block in your Pages and Blocks with next code

{{block type=”Swissup\EasySlide\Block\Slider” name=”” identifier=”slider-config-identifier” }}

Missing styles at Magento 2 theme

It can occure at Zemez or Ecomwares themes.

Because of their implementation those themes don’t include styles from web/css/source/_module.less.

So to fix missing styles you have to create additional less-file and xml layout update.

Go to your theme directory. It can be either in vendor directory or in app/design/frontend. Create files:

  • Swissup_EasySlide/web/css/easyslide.less

    @media-common: true;
    @indent__s: 10px;
    @import './source/_module.less';
  • Swissup_EasySlide/layout/default.xml

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <page xmlns:xsi=""
            <css src="Swissup_EasySlide::css/easyslide.css" />

When both files created redeploy theme static content and flush Magento cache.

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