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General section

You can access Fire Checkout configuration at Configuration > Swissup > Checkout > Firecheckout page.

General section

Option Description
Enabled Allows to enable/disable firecheckout per store view
Url Path Set custom url to the firecheckout page
After Adding a Product Redirect to Firecheckout Allows to redirect to firecheckout page after Add to Cart action

If After Adding a Product Redirect to Firecheckout is not working on your site, try to enable After Adding a Product Redirect to Shopping Cart at Stores > Configuration > Checkout > Shopping Cart section

Design section

Design section

Option Description
Page Layout Select page layout to use at firecheckout page
Layout Select layout to use at firecheckout page
Place Order Button Position Ability to place “Purchase” button under payment section. This config is visible for “1 Column” layouts only.
Theme Select theme to use at firecheckout page
Form Styles Select form styles to use at firecheckout page

Page Layout

There are 4 page layouts available to use:

Page layout screenshots:


There are 5 layouts available to use:

Layout screenshots:

Move Email to the Separate Step

Available since v1.26.0

Ability to move email field to the separate “Email” step. This option is available when using 1-column Multistep layout only.

Place Order Button Position

Ability change “Purchase” button position:

  • Default Position (Order Summary Section - For All Layouts)
  • Below Payment methods Section (For “1 Column” Layouts only)


There are 4 themes available to use:

Themes screenshots:

Form Styles

There are 3 form modes available:

Use field placeholders instead of labels - You can hide labels and use field placeholders instead. This option works together with Basic and Compact modes only:

Show field errors and notices in the Tooltips - Allows you to switch between awesome Tooltips mode and Magento’s old-school notices and errors below the fields:

Additional content section

Additional content section

Option Description
Above Firecheckout Form Additional content above firecheckout form
Below Firecheckout Form Additional content below firecheckout form
Above place order button Additional content above place order button
Below place order button Additional content below place order button
Intro Popup See ready-to-use examples
Content for Guest Customers Content to show for guest customers only
Content for Registered Customers Content to show for logged in customers

Analytics section

Analytics section

Option Description
Enable Google Analytics Integration Enable/Disable Analytics Integration
Account Number Google Analytis Account Number. If you use Magento’s built-in GA module, this field will be filled automatically. See Analytics page for more information.

Please follow Analytics integration docs to setup Analytics inside Firecheckout.

Shiping settings section

Shipping settings section

Option Description
Default Method Default shipping method to use
Default Method Code Same setting as above. Use this field if you can’t find the method you are looking for in the previous option
Hide methods if single method is available only Useful if you use single method for all customers
Sort shipping methods by price Allows to sort shipping methods by their price. From lower to higher.

Payment settings section

Payment settings section

Option Description
Default Method Default payment method to use
Show Billing Address Title Show/Hide title above billing address form
Display Billing Address On Select billing address form placement: Inside Payment Method, Above Payment Methods, Below Payment Methods, Above Shipping Address, Below Shipping Address
Save Mode Choose “Default” or “Instant” modes. Default uses “Update” button to save billing form. Instant saves address without “Update” button.

Billing address placement screenshots:

Terms and Conditions settings section

Available since version 1.22.0

Terms and Conditions section

Option Description
Enabled Enable/Disable agreements at checkout page
Position Ability to show agreements at default position (Payment Method) or “Above Place Order Button”
Title Optionally set the title above agreements

Order summary settings section

Order summary settings section

Option Description
Show Order Review Show order review information (Shipping Address and Shiping Method) above the cart items.
Title Set the title for order summary section

Custom CSS and JS settings section

Custom CSS and JS settings section

Option Description
CSS CSS styles. LESS is not supported.
LESS CSS styles with LESS syntax support.
JS JS code

View JS code examples at Checkout Customizations pages.

Performance settings section

Performance section

Option Description
Use jsBuild Combine checkout-related js files into single jsbuild to reduce number of requests and improve page load time.
jsBuild include paths List of modules to process
Prefetch jsBuild When enabled, checkout page and jsBuild will be prefetched when customer will add a product to the cart.

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