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Version 1.31.7

May 15, 2024

  • Fixed billing address validation when it’s moved to the shipping step.
  • Fixed copying shipping address into the billing if “Same as shipping” checkbox is not set.
  • Improve CSS when billing address is shown after shipping.
  • AddressFieldManager Fixed php error when using paypal standard buttons at product page.

Version 1.31.6

Apr 23, 2024

  • Fixed not working jsbuild prefetch when js merge is enabled
  • Breeze: fix layout shift when critical css is enabled

Version 1.31.4

Mar 28, 2024

  • Improved integration with MSI Pickup In Store module.
  • Css fixes for third-party themes.
  • CheckoutFields: Fixed incorrect displayed date in backend calendar editor when frontend and backend using different locales.
  • CheckoutRegistration: Added ability to disable module for orders created via rest/soap api.
  • CustomerFieldManager: Fixed large gap between customer registration form and submit button.
  • DeliveryDate: Fixed possible incorrect date in backend edit calendar.
  • OrderAttachments: Fixed inability to upload the same file multiple times in a row.

Version 1.31.3

Nov 28, 2023

  • Fixed js error when JS bundle and minification are enabled.
  • Fixed few issues with Olegnax theme.
  • PaypalExpress fix: do not validate shipping address when quote is virtual.
  • Remove stickyfill dependency because all browsers already support it.
  • Fixed error in CheckoutRegistration module when quoteId is outdated.
  • JS fixes in CheckoutSuccess module.
  • Email notifications added to OrderAttachment module.

Version 1.31.2

Jul 27, 2023

  • AddressFieldManager:
    • Allow to use radio as yes/no attribute.
    • Fixed failed multiselect elements validation during checkout.
  • AddressAutocomplete:
    • Added ability to use autocomplete in backend.
    • Disabled Chrome’s autofill popup on autocomplete field so it would not cover it.
  • CheckoutFields:
    • Prevent redirect to shipping step when validation is failed.
    • Improved checkbox field validation.
  • OrderAttachments:
  • Stability improvements in all other modules.

Version 1.31.1

May 23, 2023

  • AddressFieldManager: Fixed inability to create custom address fields that will save its value properly. If you have such fields, you need to open them in backend and save each one again.
  • CheckoutCart: Improve user experience when changing products count at checkout page.
  • CheckoutSuccess: Fixed not working Success Page builder.
  • DeliveryDate: Hide delivery date if no method is selected and filterPerShippingMethod is used.
  • Additional Magento 2.4.6 and PHP 8.2 fixes in AddressFieldManager, GeoIP, CustomerFieldManager, and CheckoutSuccess modules.

Version 1.31.0

Mar 14, 2023

  • Magento 2.4.6 and PHP 8.2 compatibility in all bundled modules.
  • Fixed possible incorrect billing address data when it’s moved to shipping step.
  • Improve styles when billing is moved to shipping section.
  • Fixed billing address title position when rendered after shipping address.
  • Improved callback debouncing when multiple ajax requests are sent at the same time.
  • ShipperHQ integration added - reload totals when select extra shipping options.

Version 1.30.5

Dec 22, 2022

  • Fixed incorrectly activated “My billing and shipping address are the same” checkbox for registered customers when default billing and shipping addresses are not the same.
  • Prevent multiple ajax requests when only one payment is available to choose.
  • Small css fixes

Version 1.30.4

Nov 15, 2022

  • Improved styles when billing address is placed before shipping.
  • Do not allow to save billing address when it doesn’t pass validation.
  • Small style fixes for PayPal_Braintree module.
  • Fixed possible incorrect shipping total after page refresh.
  • Fixed “The shipping address is missing” error on initial page load when single payment method is available.
  • Improved Breeze Theme integration.
  • Fixed error in backend order view in PHP 8.1 when delivery time is used without delivery date.
  • Fixed js error in Address Validation module.
  • Fixed possible too early initialization of gift messages block.

Version 1.30.0

Aug 30, 2022

Version 1.29.0

Aug 19, 2022

Version 1.28.19

Aug 5, 2022

  • Cleanup layout from fullscreen loaders. Make them less noticeable.
  • Reduce validateDelay to instantly react on user input.
  • Prevent possible 302 redirect to shopping cart.
  • BreezeTheme CSS compatibility fixes.

Address Fields Manager

  • Do not show “Disabled” label in order review section when custom checkbox field is used.


  • Fixed incorrect address detection when site uses Sucuri or CloudFlare protection.

Version 1.28.16

Jul 12, 2022

  • Fixed possible js error on initial page load.
  • MageWorx_MultiFees integration (reload totals after fee update).

Address Fields Manager

  • Fixed possible error “Call to a member function getData() on null” when virtual product is used.

Checkout Fields

  • Fixed undefined array key warning when edit additional fields via order grid.
  • Fixed saving checkbox field in backend order management.
  • PHP 8.1 fixes.

Checkout Registration

  • Fixed compatibility with VRPay payment method.

Checkout Success

  • Fix PHP error when order has no shipping address and directive `` is used on success page.

Version 1.28.13

Jun 6, 2022

  • Paypal Express in-context improvement: Validate shipping information when clicking “Place Order”
  • Few more PHP 8.1 fixes

Version 1.28.12

Apr 15, 2022

  • Magento 2.4.4 and PHP 8.1 compatibility.

Version 1.28.10

Mar 25, 2022

  • Breeze theme integration improvements.
  • Small css fixes.

Address Fields Manager

  • Hide Yes/No fields value at shipping information.

Delivery Date

  • Breeze theme integration added.
  • Fixed possible SQL error during setup:di:compile execution on Magento 2.3.
  • Added ability to set different order processing day time per each day of the week.

Version 1.28.9

Mar 7, 2022

Checkout Fields

  • Added filters by custom checkout fields in order grid
  • Significant performance boost for stores with large orders count with custom checkout fields.

Checkout Registration

  • Fixed possible “Invalid state change” error at initial page load.

Version 1.28.8

Jan 12, 2022

  • Fixed wrong Google Analytics docs link in configuration.
  • Delivery Date: Fixed possbile wrong date in backend interface when German locale is used.
  • Order Attachments: Fixed “undefined index” notice.
  • Success Page: Fixed wrong product image when customer purchased configurable product.
  • Checkout Fields: Romanian translations added.

Version 1.28.7

Nov 2, 2021

  • Prevent ‘400 Bad request’ on initial ajax request when default payment is selected
  • Fixed ‘Wrong email format’ error caused by corrupted quote table

Version 1.28.6

Oct 12, 2021

  • Fixed missing place order button after refreshing payment step (When using Multistep layout).
  • Fixed possible not validated email address when using PaypalExpress or another payment with it’s own “Place Order” button.
  • Fixed rare error “Wrong email format” when quote table is missing customer_email value.

Version 1.28.4

Sep 10, 2021

  • Fixed billing address validation when it’s hidden and instant save is used.

Version 1.28.3

Sep 6, 2021

  • Fixed js errors when third-party extension uses deprecated $.jqueryXHR.success or $.jqueryXHR.complete methods.
  • Fixed page reload when error is occured during payment processing.

Version 1.28.2

Sep 3, 2021

  • Fixed discount button color on Midnight theme.
  • Fixed incorrect address position when ‘Payment page’ is selected.
  • Fixed missing billing address title.
  • Fixed js error in dev console (doesn’t affect any functionality).

Version 1.28.0

Aug 31, 2021

  • Added ability to move billing address before shipping
  • Added Instant save mode for billing address form (Without “Update” button). Works great with Billing before shipping position.
  • All color schemes slightly updated to match Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.
  • All layouts are now use fallback to faux 1-column layout when using small sized tablets. (Previously, tablet customers had to struggle with scrollbars and horizontal overflows, or they had to change tablet orientation to landscape to comfortably fill checkout form.)
  • Fixed Magento bug, when multiple requests were sent to a single URL.
  • Improve payment section styles in Magento 2.4.3.
  • Impove CSS merging in all bundled modules. Now checkout styles will be merged to the separate file to prevent redownloading whole bundle of theme styles again.

Version 1.27.1

Aug 13, 2021

  • Magento 2.4.3 compatiblity: Fixed js error at checkout-success configuration page.
  • Fixed unable to place order when previously saved address became invalid. Now customer will be redirected to the address edit form with the message about missing address fields.

Version 1.27.0

Jul 21, 2021

Version 1.26.5

Jul 19, 2021

  • Fixed broken checkout when separate email step is used and virtual product added to the cart.
  • Fixed js error when Magento_ReCaptcha module is enabled on checkout.

Module Updates

swissup/module-address-autocomplete — 1.6.3 (was 1.6.1)

  • Fixed mistakenly marked fields as incorrect in initially hidden new-address form when address geodetection is enabled.
  • Fixed not working autocomplete when customer blocks location info in browser.

swissup/module-address-field-manager — 1.6.2 (was 1.6.1)

  • Added missing format for custom date fields.

swissup/module-checkout-fields — 1.5.7 (was 1.5.6)

  • Fixed error when date field displayed on the orders grid.

Version 1.26.4

Jun 23, 2021

  • Fixed invisible payment step when Magento_PurchaseOrder is used (B2B commerce).

Module Updates

swissup/module-address-autocomplete — 1.6.1 (was 1.5.1)

  • Fixed region detection for spanish addresses.
  • Ability to initialize autocomplete on city field.
  • Do not try to change value to the non-existing dropdown option (country, region).

Version 1.26.3

Jun 11, 2021

  • Magento_InventoryInStorePickup integration added.
  • Magento_PurchaseOrder integration added (B2B commerce).
  • Fixed js error when trying to use ‘.subscribe’ on isVisible method.

Version 1.26.0

Jun 2, 2021

  • Added ability to move email and password fields to the separate checkout step.
  • Decreased checkout page load time for the first-time visitors. Prefetch is used to gain additional performance. View config
  • Improved loader when waiting for email address validation and decreased timeout to wait before email validation.
  • Fixed possible missing agreements above place order button when button is moved below payment section in 1-column layout.
  • Fixed missing place order button below payment section on small tablet devices.
  • Small CSS fixes.

Module Updates

swissup/module-address-autocomplete — 1.5.1 (was 1.4.2)

swissup/module-checkout-cart — 1.5.7 (was 1.5.6)

  • Fixed errors with Smile_GiftSalesRule module.
  • Display SKU label.

swissup/module-checkout-fields — 1.5.4 (was 1.5.2)

  • Updated de_DE locale.
  • Fixed error on custom grids - improved third-party modules compatibility.

Version 1.25.8

Feb 26, 2021

  • Fixed js error in Safari when billing address is placed below shipping address.

Module Updates

CheckoutFields — 1.5.2

  • Added ability to select display type for the ‘select’, ‘mutiselect’, and ‘yes/no’ fields:
    • Select: dropdown or radio buttons;
    • Mutiselect: multiselect or checkboxes;
    • Yes/No: dropdown or radio buttons;

CheckoutSuccess — 1.4.9

  • Set proper image container width in third-party theme

Version 1.25.7

Feb 12, 2021

  • Magento 2.4.2 fixes for “Purchase Order” payment method:
    • Fixed js error when Agreements are placed above “Place Order” button.
    • Fixed visible “Place Order” button inside payment method when it should be in order summary section.
  • Fixed layout shifts in order summary section when order totals are reloading.
  • Decreased count of multiple visible loaders at the same time.
  • Improved compatibility with third-party themes.
  • Fixed conflict with Eway_DirectConnection payment method.

Module Updates

AddressFieldManager — 1.6.0

  • Fixed multiselect attribute values saving
  • Added custom address fields to orders API
  • Performance improvements

DeliveryDate — 1.6.1

  • Allow empty delivery date value

OrderAttachment — 1.4.11

Version 1.25.5

Jan 25, 2021

  • Fixed possible error about missing address field when customer fills the form and presses “Place Order” very quickly.

Module Updates


  • Fixed missing checkout modules at checkout-registration configuration.


  • Added ability to calculate delivery date offset since first business day after order was placed.
  • Delivery date validation improvements.

Version 1.25.4

Jan 13, 2021

  • Added missing translation ‘I Agree’.
  • Fixed error when event doesn’t have originalEvent property.
  • Checkout modules dropdown over module config at System Configuration.
  • Convert section “Swissup Checkout” into item “Checkout” under section “Swissup” at System Config page.

Module Updates


  • Fixed wrong attributes values in Magento 2.4.
  • Use overriden validators instead of around plugin. This allows to use afterValidate plugin in third-party modules.


  • Added ability to specify a notice, tooltip, and placeholder for the field
  • Filled fields values now saved between page reload.
  • Do not delete field value when quote or store is deleted.
  • Do not save empty values.


  • Get parent grouped product image if its child is empty at ordered items grid at success order page.
  • Fixed compatibility with magento 2.4.1.


  • Restict order attachemnt for specific customer groups.


  • Validate taxvat when save address.
  • Do not allow to complete multishipping registration with empty taxvat if not allowed.

Version 1.25.3

Nov 27, 2020

  • Fixed error when Paypal Express Checkout popup was shown when customer didn’t checked all of required terms and conditions.
  • Improved scroll to “missing shipping method” error when placing order.

Module Updates


  • Fixed not working excluded first, seconds, and third days of the month.
  • Added filter and sort by delivery date column in orders grid.
  • Fixed invalid holiday date in calendar when default timezone is not UTC

Version 1.25.2

Nov 24, 2020

  • Fixed unable to place order when some invalid field is found in hidden popup.
  • Move shipping methods notice to the top of the shipping methods section.
  • Tippyjs library updated to the latest version.

Version 1.25.1

Nov 12, 2020

Version 1.24.2

Oct 19, 2020

  • Magento 2.4.1 compatibility: Fixed error at checkout page caused by gift-message integration.
  • Fixed tax reload when shipping method is not selected yet.
  • Fixed old taxes after zipcode change right after page refresh.
  • Fixed loader styles with third-party themes.
  • Stability improvements in bundled modules.

Module Updates

swissup/module-checkout-fields — 1.4.5 (was 1.4.3)

  • Fixed broken admin email preview page.

swissup/module-checkout-registration — 1.1.0 (was 1.0.1)

  • Assign address to the registered customer.
  • Use ‘password options’ config when validating password.

swissup/module-delivery-date — 1.5.4 (was 1.5.1)

  • Fixed invalid delivery date on success page (timezone issue).
  • Added delivery date information to the order response when using magento API.

swissup/module-orderattachment — 1.4.4 (was 1.4.3)

  • Fixed missing attachment tab at admin order view page.

Version 1.24.1

Aug 5, 2020

  • Magento 2.4 compatibility fixes:
  • Fixed proper region usage (province) for Italy addresses when using AddressAutocomplete module.
  • CSS fixes for third-party themes.
  • Braintree_Googlepay styles fixes.

Version 1.24.0

Jun 16, 2020

Version 1.23.0

May 22, 2020

The most awaited feature added! CheckoutRegistration module allows buyers to start registration process directly at the checkout page!

Version 1.22.4

May 8, 2020

  • Magento 2.3.5 Content Security Policy compatibility.
  • GeoIP module is now allows to download and update Maxmind database directly from configuration page.
  • Cart qty switcher now supports qty increments settings.
  • Translation updates.

Version 1.22.3

Apr 21, 2020

  • Improved initial page load time for stores with large amount of payment methods when using multistep checkout layout.
  • Fixed PaypalExpress checkout when using in-context mode. (Paypal buttons inside iframe didn’t work)
  • Fixed StripeIntegration_Payments integration: Added workaround for StripeIntegration_Payments module since this payment doesn’t have a working validate method that could be called programmatically like any other payment method.

Version 1.22.1

Mar 06, 2020

  • Improved Agreements section styles when agreement text doesn’t fit single line.
  • Hide Agreements section at the first step of the 1-column wizard checkout layout. (Now it shows up at the payment step only.)
  • Fixed not working ‘Default Shipping Method Code’ config option.
  • Fixed js error when Magento JS bundling is enabled.

Version 1.22.0

Feb 20, 2020

  • Added ability to move Terms and Conditions above Place Order button.
  • Improved compatibility with third-party payment/shipping methods that dynamically update shipping address.
  • Fixed blocked “Place Order” button when Chrome autofill incorrectly fills email field while it’s not visible to the customer.
  • Small CSS fixes.

Version 1.21.2

Feb 17, 2020

Version 1.21.1

Jan 9, 2020

  • Fixed order totals update when delivery date is required

Version 1.21.0

Jan 8, 2020

  • Added syntax highlighter to the “Custom CSS”, “Custom JS”, “Custom LESS” config fields. Writing custom styles and javascript is much more pleasant now.
  • 16 locales added to translate backend and frontend phrases:
    • Arabic
    • Chinese
    • Dutch
    • French
    • Hebrew
    • Italian
    • German
    • Japanese
    • Norwegian
    • Korean
    • Polish
    • Portuguese
    • Russian
    • Spanish
    • Swedish
    • Ukrainian
  • Prevent unwanted order totals reload on initial page load.
  • Fixed order totals update when change shipping method when “Multistep Wizard” layout is used.
  • Fixed missing “Custom LESS” styles when deploy static content from CLI.
  • Small css fixes.

Modules Updates

swissup/module-checkout-fields — 1.4.0 (was 1.3.1)

  • Fixed error on order view page caused by wrong date format
  • Fixed missing checkout field values when making request through the Magento API

swissup/module-delivery-date — 1.5.0 (was 1.4.5)

  • Fixed possible error at checkout success page

swissup/module-orderattachment — 1.4.0 (was 1.3.4)

  • Fixed serialize error in full page cache module when downloading attachment

Version 1.20.1

Oct 16, 2019

  • Magento 2.3.3 compatibility. (CSS issues with discount, braintree payment, and modal popup positioning).
  • Fixed empty popup when using “Paypal through Braintree” payment method.

Modules Updates

  • Magento coding standard fixes.
  • Removed direct ‘jquery/ui’ dependency to improve js performance in (OrderAttachment and CheckoutSuccess) modules.
  • DeliveryDate: Fixed calendar icon positioning when using third-party themes.
  • AddressAutocomplete: Fixed ‘undefined’ word in input field after pressing ‘tab’ key. (Happens when API key is invalid).
  • CheckoutFields: Fixed missing fields in orders grid when DB table prefix is used.

Version 1.20.0

Sep 9, 2019

  • Stylish product qty buttons in “Order Summary” block.
  • New jsBuild option added:

    Metrics Version 1.19 Version 1.20 Improvement
    Network Requests 438 250 43%
    TTFB 230ms 185ms 20%
    Time to interactive 4.2s 3.3s 21%
    Page load time 4.47s 3.7s 17%

    Both versions tested with Magento 2.3.2 in production mode with disabled Magento’s Javascript Bundling option.

    Version 1.20 tested with enabled our jsBuild option

Fixes and Improvements

  • Optimize network requests when multistep layout is used.
  • Prevent not needed shipping address save on initial page load.
  • Improved client-side validation for payment form.
  • Improved checkbox alignment in third-party themes.
  • Fixed ‘error icon’ positioning near payment ‘terms checkbox’ in Magento 2.3.2.
  • Fixed delivery date validation for registered customers.
  • Fixed css issue with ArgentoForce theme.
  • Fixed css issue with social login when midnight theme is used.
  • Fixed js error when registered customer doesn’t have default shipping address. (Error happens when client has addresses but they don’t used as default addresses).
  • Fixed missing background for the ‘select’ element.
  • Fixed tooltip text in phone field placeholder in Magento 2.3.2.
  • Fixed not working sticky sidebar in Firefox browser.
  • Fixed mistakenly equal billing and shipping addresses in Magento 2.2.8.

Modules Updates

swissup/module-checkout-cart — 1.4.2 (was 1.4.1)

  • New, better looking product qty buttons.

swissup/module-checkout-fields — 1.3.0 (was 1.2.4)

  • Added ability to edit checkout fields on order view page.
  • Added ability to select fields to display in email template.
  • Fixed missing fields when using Paypal payment method.
  • Fixed required fields validation on page load.
  • Date field type improvements: added icon, select month and year.
  • Fixed js error on admin field edit form.

swissup/module-checkout-success — 1.3.4 (was 1.3.3)

  • Fixed success page preview feature on Magento 2.3.x.

swissup/module-delivery-date — 1.4.3 (was 1.4.1)

  • Make delivery date editable at backend order view page.
  • Improved server-side validation logic.
  • Fixed ability to enable delivery for all weekdays.

swissup/module-geoip — 1.3.0 (was 1.2.0)

  • MaxMind_Service provider added.
  • IpStack provider added.

Version 1.19.0

May 23, 2019

  • New additional content type: Intro Popup See Intro Popup use-cases for more information.
  • Fixed billing address section collapsing in Magento 2.3.0
  • Fixed styles for type="image" inputs
  • Improved error messages visibility

Modules Updates


  • Improved Czech Republic addresses autocompletion


  • Fixed invalid shipping methods on initial page load
  • A new place for MaxMind database to keep vendor directory clean: var/swissup/geoip/. Old location (vendor/swissup/module-geoip/) will still work fine though.
  • Code cleanup


  • Added abilty to place tax-free order when VAT Number is valid (EU countries only)
  • Added ability to place order using invalid VAT Number
  • Hide notice about country code for magento 2.3.0 and newer
  • Configuration improvements
  • Code optimizations
  • 1.2.1 hotfix: tax-free orders on Magento 2.2

Version 1.18.1

Mar 29, 2019

  • Fixed compatibility with Magento 2.3.1 (PHP7+ is required)
  • Improved spacing below “Subscribe to newsletter” checkbox

Version 1.18.0

Mar 21, 2019

  • RTL languages support added
  • Added ability to customize LESS variables and write styles using LESS syntax directly from admin panel
  • Improved compatiblity with third-party modules
  • All built-in modules updated to add RTL languages support

Version 1.17.0

Jan 25, 2019

It’s all about the gifts!

GiftMessages support added to the firecheckout page for both Magento Community and Magento Commerce editions.

GiftWrapping, GiftRegistry, GiftReceipt, and PrintedCards support added for Magento Commerce Edition.

New Features

  • GiftMessages support added. You can now edit them directly from the firecheckout page.
  • MagentoCommerce features integrated:
    • GiftWrapping
    • Fixed missing billing address when GiftRegistry address is used
    • Improved styles of StoreCredit and RewardPoints blocks
  • Collapsible.js utility added

Fixed and Improvements

  • Fixed possible issue with invalid billing address selected
  • Fixed wrong step numbers alignment on some third-party themes
  • Fixed invisible “Subscribe to Newsletter” checkbox when shipping address is hidden by a third-party module
  • Small CSS and JS fixes

Modules Updates

swissup/module-address-autocomplete — 1.2.0 (was 1.1.1)

  • Added ability to place housenumber into custom address field

swissup/module-checkout-cart — 1.4.1 (was 1.4.0)

  • Fixed missing shipping rates when GiftRegistry address is used
  • Fixed js error when grouped product added to cart (When simple products are not visible in catalog)

swissup/module-subscribe-at-checkout — 1.2.1 (was 1.2.0)

  • Move the checkbox out of shipping section. (This improves compatibility with third-party store-pickup modules that hide shipping section)

Version 1.16.0

Dec 19, 2018

Firecheckout page looks more structured now with the title above “Billing Address” form, checkout fields in “Order Summary” section, and compact mode to display saved shipping addresses.

New Features

Fixes and Improvements

  • Reduce too long “Shipping Address” block when customer has many saved addresses
  • Removed not needed ajax request when trying to save invalid billing address
  • Fixed Auth popup divider color in “Midnight” theme when using SocialLogin
  • Small css fixes and improvements

Version 1.15.2

Dec 04, 2018

  • Swissup_SocialLogin integration: Fixed login popup positioning
  • Fixed conflict with Braspag_Pagador module (misplaced credit card types selector)
  • Fixed invalid street line labels
  • Minor CSS fixes

Modules Updates

swissup/module-address-field-manager — 1.4.2 (was 1.4.0)

  • Fixed field validation on the latest Magento versions

swissup/module-checkout-fields — 1.2.0 (was 1.1.0)

  • Fixed dropdown field options save issue in Magento 2.2.6
  • Added ability to show checkout fields at the CheckoutSuccess page
  • Added ability to show fields in backend order grid
  • Checkout fields added to backend’s new order form

swissup/module-checkout-success — 1.3.2 (was 1.3.1)

  • Prevent Warning/Error when tring to render child block that doesn’t exists
  • Added third-party modules blocks support via di.xml instructions:
    • CheckoutField
    • DeliveryDate
    • OrderAttachment
  • Added margin for delivery date block

swissup/module-delivery-date — 1.4.0 (was 1.3.2)

  • Added ability to show delivery date information at the CheckoutSuccess page
  • Fixed ‘undefined’ word inside calendar icon

swissup/module-geoip — 1.1.2 (was 1.1.1)

  • Corrected path to the MaxMind database in config field

swissup/module-orderattachment — 1.3.0 (was 1.2.0)

Version 1.15.1

Nov 08, 2018

  • Magento 2.1 compatibility in DeliveryDate module
  • Fixed ability to save address/customer attribute with custom attribute_code (AddressFieldManager and CustomerFieldManager)
  • Fixed blocked payment popup when using Braintree module with enabled “Paypal through braintree” option
  • Small code optimizations

Version 1.15.0

Nov 01, 2018

  • DeliveryTime feature added to the DeliveryDate module
  • Minor CSS fixes
  • Third-party modules compatibility
    • Firecheckout now triggers standard shipping validation when placing order. This makes it even fore friendly to third-party modules.
    • Fixed compatibility with PostNL module
    • Fixed compatibility with Sagepay payment method

Modules Updates

  • AddressAutocomplete 1.1.1
    • Fixed non working autocomplete when form doesn’t have ID attribute (Some rare third-party modules)
  • CheckoutSuccess 1.3.1
    • Fixed non working page preview functionality in backend, when backend and frontend has different timezone settings.
  • DeliveryDate 1.3.1
    • Delivery Time feature added
    • Added ability to add DeliveryDate information to the order emails
    • Improved config interfaces
  • TaxVat 1.1.1
    • Removed ability to enter vat number without country code because of conflict with Magento’s automatic customer group assignment feature

Version 1.14.0

Sep 28, 2018

  • Fixed redirect to shopping cart, when using Magento 2.2.6 and 1column Multistep Layout.

Modules Updates

  • Geoip
    • Fixed bug when wrong shipping methods were shown on initial page load

Version 1.13.1

Sep 21, 2018

  • Default config values updated:
    • Theme: Light (Previously was set to “Default”)
    • Layout: Empty (“Standard” layout was used before)
  • Magento 2.2.6 CSS fixes:
    • Popup window behind overlay
    • Button CSS issue in Round theme
  • CSS fixes ad improvements:
    • Calendar icon color and position fixes for Midnight and Round themes
    • Additional resets for ‘select’ elements
    • Improved compatibility with third-party themes
    • Fixed styles for Braintree payment form
  • Third-party modules compatibility
    • Fixed missing Place Order button, when “Dibs” payment method is selected
    • Improved compatibility with Magestore_Storepickup module

Modules Updates

  • AddressFieldManager
    • Fixed display of custom dropdown attribute value in saved address
    • Fixed validation when saving existing attribute in backend panel
  • CustomerFieldManager
    • Fixed validation when saving existing attribute in backend panel

Version 1.13.0

Sep 7, 2018

Backward Incompatible Changes

Upgrade Instructions

  • Custom less files renamed and moved to ‘/custom/’ folder
  • Less variables and mixins renamed

New Feratures

  • 3 New Themes added. You can select the one you liked via design configuration
  • Form field errors and notices moved to stylish tooltips
  • Default ajax loader image replaced with nice CSS spinner
  • Configurable order review section added. Useful for EU countries.
  • Additional content changes:
    • “Below order summary” section will now appear above “Place Order” button
    • New content section added: “Below place order button”


  • Fixed missing/invalid tax after changing region or postcode
  • Fixed multiple “saveShippingInformation” requests at the same time

Visual Improvements

  • Improved credit card form styles for known payment methods: Authorize.Net, Braintree and other methods that use standard CC form markup.
  • Improved “Sticky sidebar” performance, used for 1-column layout.
  • Added ability to change background for “chrome-“ autofilled fields with @fc-form-field__autofill__background-color less variable
  • Firecheckout 1-column container will inherit its width from theme when page layout is set to ‘Default’ or ‘Full’. (Previously, 1-column layout always used narrow container.)
  • Tons of tiny perfection improvements like vertical alignment between blocks, equal spacing around the elements and button-set alignments.

Stability Improvements

  • Small CSS and JS fixes
  • Fixed js error in IE browser
  • Improved compatibility with third-party payment methods (Tested with SagePaySuite and Braintree)

Modules Updates

  • CheckoutCart
    • Fixed possible js error at non-checkout pages
    • Allow to use html entities in product name (Like these: ® ©)
    • Improved customization abilities
  • SubscribeAtCheckout
    • Standard markup for checkbox element

Version 1.12.0

Jul 24, 2018

Firecheckout 1.12.0 brings more power to advanced users and developers who wants to customize their checkout pages.


  • Fixed constantly checked ‘My billing and shipping address are the same’ checkbox, when Billing address is rendered below payment methods
  • See ‘Modules Updated’ section for more bugfixes

Modules Updates

  • Address Field Manager — 1.3.1
    • Fixed missing custom address fields in Billing Address form when it’s rendered below payment methods
    • Fixed Invalid fields sort order in Billing Address form when it’s rendered below payment methods
  • Checkout Success — 1.2.0
    • Stability improvements in PHP code
    • New variables added into Miscellaneous scripts:
      • {{orderBillingAddress}}
      • {{orderShippingAddress}}
  • Checkout Vat — 1.0.5
    • Fixed missing tooltip in Billing Address form when it’s rendered below payment methods
  • Translation files added to all modules

Version 1.11.0

Jun 21, 2018

  • New terrific feature added to the CheckoutCart module: “Show product name as a link”
  • Additional CSS resets for custom MGS_Claue theme
  • Fixed compatibility with Braintree “PayWithPayPal”
  • Fixed sticky order review section in firefox browser
  • Improved shipping information save logic
  • Numerous fixes for registered customers without addresses:
    • Fixed js error when placing order
    • Fixed shipping address saving
    • Fixed shipping methods reload

Version 1.10.0

Apr 26, 2018

Firecheckout 1.10.0 brings new CustomerFieldManager, more awesomeness on mobile phones, bulletproof third-party themes compatibility, and Field Mask feature!

Major Updates

  • New CustomerFieldManager module included
  • Mobile styles improved a lot:
    • Added more consistency into checkout styles
    • Order review section is now visible on the phones too
    • Step numbers added to mobile styles
    • Modal popup styles improved (Sign in form, Agreements popup)
  • Three fields in a row in the address form when parent container is wide enough.
  • More third-party themes compatibility. Had to increase the weight of CSS selectors with ID attribute to beat a bunch on Templates-Monster themes.
  • Field mask component added.
  • [dev] Xrayquire debugger added to quickly find out buggy modules that cause not working checkout page.

Modules Updates

Third-party modules

  • ClassyLlama_AvaTax address verification seamlessly integrated into expanded layout modes

Version 1.9.0

Mar 15, 2018

  • Cleaner checkout styles
  • Firecheckout default URL changed to ‘/checkout’. It replaces standard checkout now. (It’s done to provide better out-of-the-box compatibility with third-party payment methods)
  • Improved checkout flow when using Paypal_HostedPro solution
  • Mobile styles improvements:
    • Spacing between section titles
    • Tooltip alignment improved
  • Improved compatibility with third-party payment methods. Tested with:
    • SagePay_Suite
    • Dibs_Flexwin
    • CyberSource_SecureAcceptance
  • Improved third-party themes compatibility. Tested with:
    • Argento_Stripes
    • BoxStore_BoxStore
    • MGS_Claue
    • TemplateMonster_Theme007
    • TemplateMonster_Theme003

Modules Updates

  • AddressAutocomplete — 1.0.5
    • Fixed region field autocompletion
  • Address Field Manager — 1.2.0
    • Added ability to create custom address fields
    • Added ability to set default values for address fields
  • Checkout Cart — 1.1.3
    • Order totals moved below cart items by default
  • Checkout Fields — 1.0.4
    • Fixed vertical alignment of button and input fields
    • Fixed visible scrollbar on tablet devices
  • Checkout Success — 1.1.2
    • Fixed missing ‘registration’ block in some third-party themes
  • DeliveryDate — 1.1.2
    • Added ‘Enabled’ option

Version 1.8.0

  • Added new “1 Column (Multistep Wizard)” layout
  • Added new distraction free “Empty” page layout
  • “I Agree” button added to the Agreement popup
  • Added ability to configure default Shipping and Payment methods
  • Added ability to hide Shipping methods step, if single method is available only
  • Added missing en_US.csv translation file
  • Mobile styles cleanup
  • Small style improvements

Modules Updates

  • Address Field Manager — 1.1.1
    • Fixed incorrect sort order in backend grid
    • Magento 2.1 compatibility
  • Checkout Cart — 1.1.2
    • Fixed vertical alignment of button and input fields
    • Fixed visible scrollbar on tablet devices
  • Checkout Success — 1.1.1
    • Fixed typo in config section name
  • DeliveryDate — 1.1.1
    • Fixed too wide input field
    • Fixed js error, when no shipping methods are available

Version 1.7.1

  • Fixed possible javascript console errors

Modules Updates

  • Address Field Manager — 1.1.0
    • Backend interface improvements
    • Ability to change field status per website level
  • Delivery Date — 1.1.0
    • Improved configuration settings structure
    • Fixed broken calendar popup at backend order edit page
    • Fixed date formatting for certain locales (de_DE)
  • Checkout Vat — 1.0.4
    • Removed not needed taxvat notice from the billing address form


  • Fixed javascript error in SubscribeAtCheckout module

Version 1.7.0

Major Updates

Fixes and Improvements

  • Added ability to redirect to Firecheckout page after Add to Cart action
  • Fixed layout error when using EmptyLayout on Magento 2.2
  • Fixed order placement with ‘PayPal Express in-context’ payment method
  • Fixed non-working Authorize.Net payment on magento < 2.2.0
  • Fixed invalid billing address when using paypal express or other method without visible address form
  • Fixed address form visibility when virtual quote is used
  • Improved third-party payment methods compatibility
  • Added ability to add js plugins at firecheckout page from layout xml instructions
  • Magento 2.2.0 compatibility improvements

Modules Updates

  • AddressAutocomplete — 1.0.4
  • Address Field Manager — 1.0.2
  • Checkout Fields — 1.0.3
  • Checkout Success — 1.1.0
  • Order Attachments — 1.1.0
  • Subscribe at Checkout — 1.0.0
  • Checkout Vat — 1.0.3

Version 1.6.5

Version 1.6.4

Version 1.6.3

  • Fixed error message about non-avilable shipping method caused by shipping address update
  • Fixed grand total update when shipping method becomes unavailable
  • DeliveryDate module updated to 1.0.3

Version 1.6.2

  • Fixed rare bug with missing default customer address after the first login
  • Fixed compatibility with DeliveryDate module
  • Magento 2.2-dev compatibility
  • JS code improvements

Version 1.6.1

  • Magento EQP fixes

Version 1.6.0

Magento requirements: 2.0.12 or 2.1.4 and higher

  • CheckoutFields module added. See the installation instructions on how to enable new module.
  • Fixed conflict with “Checkout > Display Billing Address On” option
  • ACL added to the UI components according to Magento 2.1.7 release
  • Fixed backend download and preview action urls in OrderAttachments module

Version 1.5.3

  • Fixed issue, when error is not displayed to the customer, but a redirect to shopping cart is performed instead

Version 1.5.2

  • Improved compatibility with third-party modules
  • Fixed order placing for iframe based payments
  • Added payment form data restore, after ajax reload
  • Fixed possible notice about undifined ‘handle’ variable

Version 1.5.1

Version 1.5.0

Major Updates

  • Fixed tax recalculation when changing zipcode or state
  • Added ability to use three page layout types:
    • Default Checkout Layout
    • Empty (Minimalistic 1column layout)
    • Full (Full 1column layout with header, navigation and footer)
  • Added additional content support:
    • Above firecheckout form
    • Below firecheckout form
    • Below checkout summary

Fixes and Improvements

  • Complete styles refactoring to simplify checkout modification for developers
  • Improved modal popup effects for desktop devices
  • Fixed non-working checkout on mobile devices
  • Fixed css issue with street address label on a new line
  • Better compatiblity with third-party themes
  • Added ‘equal-shiping-billing’ class name to the body for additional styles
  • Fixed payment methods block positioning, when a lot of shippings are available
  • Many CSS fixes and improvements

Modules updates

Version 1.4.0

Major Updates

Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved third-party themes compatibility
  • Added payment methods reload, when shipping rates are reloaded
  • Payments will be reloaded, if Allow specific country option is enabled

Version 1.3.0

Major Updates

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed payment methods styles for narrow screens
  • Fixed ‘Unable to set null, null as shipping_method’ error
  • Fixed address reset after zipcode update
  • Improved Agreement checkboxes styles
  • Improved third-party themes integration abilities
  • Added better layout explanation titles in configuration

Version 1.2.0

  • Magento 2.0.9 compatibility
  • Fixed possible invalid shipping subtotal on initial page load
  • Added ability to apply custom css styles
  • Added ability to add custom javascript

Version 1.1.0


New Features

  • 1 column (Expanded) layout added

New Modules

See the installation instructions on how to enable new modules.


  • Prevent multiple ajax requests, when using form autofill
  • Less variables added to simplify layout restyling
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Version 1.0.1

  • Fixed compatibility with FPC

Version 1.0.0

  • Initial Release
  • Available layout types:
    • 3 columns
    • 2 columns
    • 2 columns alternative
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