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How to combine several use cases

In this tutorial we’ll tell you on how to write javascript file that will include multiple use-cases.

First of all, you need a basic understanding of define and require methods:

define vs require

Use define method when writing custom.js file

Use require method when writing script into the settings field

define(params, callback);
require(params, callback);
Option Description
params Array of required resources
callback Function that will be executed when ALL params are loaded. This function receives all params in the same order as they where requested.

Params and callback example:

    'Swissup_Firecheckout/js/utils/form-field/mask', // <-- First requested resource
    'mage/translate'                                 // <-- Second requested resource
], function (
    mask,   // <-- Reference to the first resource. We call it `mask`
    $t      // <-- Reference to the second resource. We call it `$t`
) {
    // We can use these resources according to their docs:
    mask('[name="telephone"]', 'phone');
    $t('Phrase to Translate');

Let’s combine “Move Checkout Fields to the Order Summary section” and “Housenumber” use cases into single custom.js file:

    // Require resources that are used in both use cases. Duplicates should be removed if found.
], function (
    // Name all required resources. Use the same names that where used in use-cases.
) {
    'use strict';

    // Code from the First use case
    move('.swissup-checkout-fields').after('.opc-block-summary > .title', 0);

    // Code from the second use case
    classname('.street', 'fc-col-12');
    classname('[name="street[0]"]', 'fc-col-8 fc-size-s:fc-col-6 fc-size-xs:fc-col-12');
    manager('[name="street[1]"]', {
        label: 'Housenumber',
        placeholder: 'Housenumber',
        classname: 'fc-col-4 fc-size-s:fc-col-6 fc-size-xs:fc-col-12',
        validator: {
            'lazy': true,
            'required': true,
            'fc-custom-rule-housenumber': {
                handler: function (value) {
                    return new RegExp(/^\d+[a-zA-Z]?$/).test(value);
                message: $t('Invalid housenumber. Valid examples: 42, 3A, 18C')

That’s all. Redeploy static content to see the changes in custom.js file:

cd <magento_root>

# remove previously deployed firecheckout files
find pub/static -type d -regex ".*Firecheckout.*js" -exec rm -rf {} \;

# run deployment command
bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
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