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The page has the following sections:

Top Toolbar

Top toolbar

From the top toolbar you can switch active store view and save specific values for that store, open menu settings, and save current menu item.

Menu Settings button will open menu settings form in modal panel.

Menu Items Tree

You can Create, Import, and Move items in the tree. Read more about tree element.

Please note, that in order to move one item inside other, you need to expand destination item first.

General Settings

General Settings

Option Description
Enabled Ability to enable or disable item visibility
Sync Name and URL with Category Data This option is visible if the item was imported only. When enabled, item name and url will be taken from original category. When disabled, you can override this data with your own.
Name Text to show on frontend
Url Item link

Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings

Option Description
Name as Html Replace regular name renderer with your own. This is how you can add category labels, icons and images near the category text.
CSS Class Usefull to apply custom css class to the item. See available item css helpers.

Advanced Settings

By default, Use Menu Settings is active and all other options are not visible. In order to apply custom dropdown settings, switch off Use Menu Settings option.

Option Description
Width Change dropdown width
Layout Change dropdown layout
CSS Class Additional CSS classes could be useful when customizing dropdown styles

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