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Menu Settings

This page is accessible when editing existing menu settings.

The page has two sections: General settings, where you can setup menu preferences, and Dropdown settings, where dropdown preferences could be changed.

General settings

Menu General Settings

Option Description
Identifier Unique menu identifier.
Maximal Depth Use this option to limit number of loaded dropdown levels. Use 0 to disable limits.
CSS Class Usefull for menu customization and some kind of menu types.
Replace Top Menu at Select Store Views where menu should replace standard top navigation

Menu Dropdown Settings

There are three fieldsets are avialable:

  • Default dropdown settings
  • First level dropdown settings
  • Second level dropdown settings.

As you may guess, the first one — is for all dropdown levels; second — for the first dropdown levels only; and the third — for the second dropdown levels only.

Option Description
Width Change dropdown width
Dropdown Position Change dropdown position. Available for “First level dropdown settings” only
Layout Change dropdown layout

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