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How extension build urls in layered navigation

Extension uses attribute labels and its value labels to create urls for filters in layered navigation. Extension tries to find in-URL label for filter (attribute). If nothing found the it converts origignal store labels to lower case, remove forbidden characters (., &) and replace spaces with dashes. Also extension considers attribute sort order and create always the same url for same filter set. And order in which filters were applied is not important.

So you have to make sure that your store do not have same labels in one attribute. Otherwise magento can show incorrect results for applied filters in layered navigation.

Is it compatible with your Ajax Layered Navigation

SEO URLs extension works great with Swissup Ajax Layered Navigation version 1.0.2 and higher.

How to make URLs in category filter same as URLs of child categories

Maybe extension config option “Use direct URL to subcategory” is what you are looking for.

From time to time we get question from our customers How to remove word "category" from category filter url? (or leading dash when they figured out how to do this with config).

Answer: Unfortunatly it is not possible within the SEO Urls module. You can only change word “category” to any other word. Magento builds block with category filters in layered navigation. When you applying category filter it means that you are browsing current category with applied filter of child category. But not the child category itself. When this filter applied page still has canonical URL of current category and not child one. All metadata of the page says that it is current category.

Long story short, SEO Urls module can’t make category filter urls same as child categories urls.

The only possible solution is customer development.

Is it compatible with Olegnax Layered Navigation

Please, install additional extension from public github repo swissup/module-seo-urls-olegnax.

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