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Argento Stripes Footer

Argento footer allows you to show payment icons, customize or remove Footer Contacts and Quick Links blocks. You are also available to add numerous new blocks.

Please click the block to start configuring. To enable/disable it on the frontend, you can use a visibility badge. You can also remove each one block due to your requirements.

Argento Stripes Footer

Here is possible to:

  • Change the background and foreground colors
  • Show support picture and change its image
  • Set the support picture width by using a range filter.
  • Choose values for support picture alignment
  • Fill out the Address form
  • Show contact email
  • Show contact phone
  • Show newsletter form

To change theme settings for the footer, check the Argento Theme settings page.

Argento footer Quick Links block allows you to set the Heading for the links block and change or remove the footer menu.

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