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Attribute based pages management

Look at frontend screenshots on a separate page.

Attribute based pages grid

This page is available in Templates-Master > Attribute Pages > Manage Pages menu.

You are allowed to view, edit and create all available Attribute Based pages (Brand pages).

Attribute based pages grid

Create attribute page

While creating the initial Attribute page, you will be prompted to select the attribute:

Create attribute page. Step 1

In case you don’t see any attributes in dropdown, you have to navigate to Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes and add new one with dropdown input type and it should have at least one available option.

After clicking Continue button you will be redirected to Attribute page form

Attribute page form

Attribute page form consists of four tabs:

Page information tab

Page information tab comes with the following fields:

Field Description
Name Page identifier for store owner
Title Used by attributepages/attribute_list block and widget.
It’s also used as a Page Title if the content tab does not redefine it.
Url key Frontend url where the page will be available
Store View List of store views, where the current page should be available
Enabled Attributepage status
Content tab

Content tab comes with the following fields:

Field Description
Page Title Used for page H1 tag and meta title
Description Will be shown above options list (brands list)
Meta Keywords Page Keywords
Meta Description Page Description
Display settings tab

Display settings tab comes with the following fields:

Field Description
Layout Page Layout (Standard magento layout select field)
Layout Update XML This field can be used to add or remove additional blocks
Display Mode Page display mode (Description and children, Description only, Children only)
Columns Count Attribute options column count
Group Options by First Letter Handy, when you have really many attribute options(brands) count
Listing Mode Show as Images or as Links
Image Width Image Width
Image Height Image Height
Options tab

Options tab comes with attribute options grid where you can change urls quickly, assign images and thumbnails for each of the attribute option (brand).

Options tab

Field Description
Exclude from Display These options(brands) will not be shown at the Attributepage and widgets
Url Key Frontend url, where the page will be available (PAGE_URL/OPTION_URL)
Image Image to show at the Attributepage and widgets
Thumbnail Image to show, when tiny logo size is needed. See Use cases page.
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