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Custom deal timer

If you want to change the default deal timer, you can set the custom timer with Daily Deals extension. Basically you can set different timer for each deal.

Daily Deals extension comes with Countdown Timer extension . Feel free to use two widgets with clear interface:

  • Countdown Timer - Flip timer
  • Countdown Timer - Simple timer

Flip Timer is the default deal timer.

Let’s set up the other timer for deal. It will be called “Hurry! Don’t miss it!”.

Get start with setting of custom timer start value edit deal at backend. Go to tab Advanced. In section Deal timer set the option Use default timer to No. You can see common magento textarea for content. Paste the code listed below to textarea:

<p style="color: #a5205f">Hurry! Don’t miss it!</p>
{{widget type="tm_countdowntimer/timer_simple" date="%_ENDTIME_%" inlinecss="font-family: 'Raleway','Helvetica Neue',Verdana,Arial,sans-serif; color:#636363; font-size:2em"}}

You can set different timers for product veiw and product listing pages. In our case we leave Timer for product listing textarea empty and fill only Timer for product page.

Save deal and go to frontend. Have a look at the result:

Custom deal timer example

In code that was pasted to Custom timer content field, you can find the following string %_ENDTIME_%. It is service string for Daily Deals extension. It will be replaced with actual deal end time during rendering content for frontend.

Endtime calculation

In case of simple deal with options Deal is active only specific time and Deal is active specific days set to No, string %_ENDTIME_% will be replaced with value from field Deal ends at (General tab). In other cases the value that replaces this string is not so obvious. Review following samples to figure out how to use some settings:

Example 1

Custom timer example 1

%_ENDTIME_% = current date 1:45 pm

The values shown on the image above mean that deal starts every day from 7:00 am and is active till 1:45 pm.

Example 2

Custom timer example 2

Assuming you know that today is Wednesday. Then %_ENDTIME_% = current date 11:59 pm.

If today is Tuesday, then deal is inactive and it has no effect on frontend.

The values shown on the image above mean the deal is active only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It starts at 12:00am and will be active till 11:59pm.

Example 3

Custom timer example 3

This is compilation of example 1 and example 2.

It means that deal is active everyday from Monday till Friday and starts at 07:00 am and ends at 1:45 pm.

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