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Theme Editor

Theme editor provides a quick way to change Argento styles with minimum css knowledge.

Theme editor is located at Magento Admin > Stores > Configuration > Swissup. Select Argento Luxury among list of available themes there.


  1. Home Page
  2. Layout
  3. Header
  4. Footer
  5. Buttons
  6. Fonts
  7. Additional css styles
  8. Result examples

Home Page

Looking for alternative logo option? It was moved (1.10.0) to the default Magento’s logo option page: Content > Design > Configuration.

In Luxury theme you can use fullscreen slider (Enabled be default). When it’s enabled an alternative logo is used. You can configure it at Content > Design > Configuration just like regular logo of your site.

Argento Luxury Home Page


Layout section allows you to apply boxed, full-width or standard page layouts from backend settings interface.

There are three options available to configure:

Option Default Value Description
Body background #fff Body backgorund
Page wrapper width none Page width around content
Content wrapper width 1280px Content width

Take at look at the picture below with highlighted layout regions:

Argento Layout Structure

  1. Body’s background.

    Body’s background is covered by page wrapper and it’s not visible by default.

    Set the ‘Page wrapper’ max-width (1280px for example) to reveal body background.

  2. Boxed Layout

    Set the ‘Page wrapper’ max-width (1280px for example) to enable boxed layout

  3. Full-Width Layout

    Set the ‘Page wrapper’ and ‘Content wrapper’ max-width’s to 100%

  4. Default Layout

    Set the ‘Page wrapper’ max-width to none

    Set the ‘Content wrapper’ max-width to 1280px

Header section allows to customize header shadow and navigation styles.

Argento Luxury Header

Footer section allows to customize top toolbar, content and bottom toolbar parts.

Argento Luxury Footer


Customize primary and secondary buttons colors.

Primary button


Fonts section allows you to customize styles for page headers, block titles, and product name in category listing.

Product name font

Additional css styles

Use this section to add any other specific styles.

Result examples

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