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Widget Settings

Each of Highlight widget offers a lot of configurable parameters. When inserting widget using WYSIWYG editor or CMS > Widgets, you’ll need to simply fill the value into according field.

When you want to use XML Layout Update or PHP inline widget call, you’ll need to know how you may specify the options. See the corresponding pages:


  1. Block rendering settings
  2. Product collection options

Block rendering settings

Option Description
title Block title
carousel Allows to enable ajax carousel
products_count Products count per Page
column_count Columns count
template Template to use
custom_template Path to the custom template. Used if template is empty or not set
css_class Additional css classes. See ready-to-use classes
“See all products” link settings  
show_page_link Flag that indicates to show “See all products” link or not
page_url Custom url to the “See all products” page.
page_link_title “See all products” link title
Pagination settings  
page_count Pages count to show
page_var_name Product page variabe name in query. Useful, when you have multiple block of the same type on one page

Product collection options

Option Description
attribute_code Attribute to use to filter product collection. Available for (Date and Yesno widgets)
period Period that will be used to filter popular and bestseller products. See examples
order Sort order. See avaialble options
dir Sort order direction (desc or asc).
conditions_encoded Magento built-in conditions. Use them to filter product by product attribute, category or price.
Calculation period

A string in ISO_8601 format used as value.

P       1D      T       30M
^period  ^days  ^time     ^minutes


Value Description
P1D One day
P1DT5H One day and five hours
P2M Two monthes
PT1H One hour

Sort Order
Value Descritpion
default Use default block type sort order
position Sort by product position attribute
price Sort by price
name Sort by name
entity_id Sort by product ID
random Sort randomly. When cache is enabled, you’ll see the cached results
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