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NavigationPro Features

NavigationPro - is a powerfull menu builder module for Magento2 with perfect fully automatic mobile and desktop modes.

All menu's at this page are powered by NavigationPro module. Including catalog top menu and sidebar navigation on the left.

Scroll down and feel the extreme flexibility of NavigationPro menu's!

Simple Menu

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Even the simplest menu type looks a way more professional when made with NavigationPro module.

Neutral styles and tiny dropdown animation effect will look attractive with any theme.

Stacked Dropdowns

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It's a pretty much the same as simple, but keeps dropdowns aligned horizontally.


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Most popular navigation choice. Megamenu's supports vertical and horizontal submenu alignment.

Add additional promotional contents with ease, using built-in drag-and-drop layout builder.

In the example above, "Children" and "Man" dropdown uses vertical alignment, while "Women" dropdown uses horizontal alignment option.

Amazon-like Menu

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Sidebar Navigation when browsing "Tops" subcategory

Amazon menu — is the right choice for a large catalog.

Load the main departments on the homepage; reveal other categories in sidebar navigation, when browsing selected department.

Complex Dropdown

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Use drag-and-drop layout builder to create complex content inside a dropdown

Iconic Menu

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Easily visualize your catalog. With the powerfull category name "renderer" feature change category name output according to your needs.

Widget in a Dropdown

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Replace standard subcategories dropdown with custom widget inside a dropdown.

In this example we use EasyCatalogImage and Easyslider modules, but you can use any other widget!

Vertical Orientation

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Vertical orientation menu's. Usefull to place it in sidebar column.

Like that one, sticked in the left column.


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Dark Theme

Flat Theme

Compact Theme

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There are three possible dropdown positions: Standard (Right), Left, and Top

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