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Manage Placeholders


The grid with all placeholders is available at Admin > Templates-Master > Easy Banner > Manage Placeholders page.

Placeholders grid

The placeholders shown above in screenshot, were configured in order to show banners in the most popular places of Magento store.

You can also add a new placeholder from this page. Use Add Placeholder button in the upper right corner of the page to create a new placeholder.


Placeholder form

Field Descrition
Placeholder Name Name of the placeholder
Parent Block The name of the block where the placeholder will be rendered. It could be a name of any existing block of your theme. Make sure that this block automatically renders all of it’s children. See example
Position Position inside parent block. It should be a valid xml attribute with it’s value.
Banners limit per rotate How many banners will be shown at once.
Sort mode Ability to sort banners by sort_order or randomly
Status Enable/disable placeholder

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