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Usually you don’t need to use widgets, because Easy Banners automatically adds placeholders into referenced blocks. Hovewer widget gives you additional ability to show the banner directly inside CMS content. So, if you want to insert banners inside your CMS page content - use widgets.

There are two widgets available to use:

  • Easybanner banner (easybanner/widget_banner)
  • Easybanner placeholder (easybanner/widget_placeholder)


Insert widget with wysiwyg editor

Easybanner widgets are available to use for every content field that has a “Insert Widget” button:

Insert Widget Button

Press “Insert Widget” button and select widget to use. In the next popup, select banner or placeholder to use and press “Insert Widget”:

Banner Widget Form

Using widget at CMS > Widgets page

You can also insert widget at CMS > Widgets page using “Add New Widget Instance”:

Widgets Grid

After filling the Type and Design Package/Theme fields, widget form will be shown. Fill it according to your needs and save widget:

Widgets Grid

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