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Argento Marketplace Category Page

Category Page

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Category page in Argento Marketplace has traditional elements of Magento 2 category page:

  • category title;
  • layered navigation (when category is anchored) or list of child categories (non-anchored category);
  • product list with toolbar and pagination.


Argento Marketplace uses 2columns-left layout for the product page. Follow our customization guide to change it to another one. Or use category page builder in theme editor.

Product list

List item example

We recommend to use grid mode for product list. Since it is the most popular products presentation among ecommerce.

Product list is powered by Hover Gallery module. It changes image when user is hovering over product image. Check module docs for more details.

One more feature at product listing is product labels - β€œNEW”, β€œ-5%” etc. It is provided by ProLabels module.

Add to cart popup

Ajaxpro popup

Magento shows add to cart popup when user adds product to cart from product list. And when this product has some options to select.

This popup is implemented by Ajax Pro module.

Recently viewed

One distinct feature of Argento themes is Recently Viewed block at category page. This block shows recently viewed products by current visitor on current device/PC. For Argento Marketplace this block is under the product listing.

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