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AMP configuration is located at System > Configuration > Templates-Master > Accelerated Mobile Pages page.


General section

Option Description
Enabled Enable/Disable AMP module
Persistent browsing Set “No”, and all links on AMP site will direct to normal site
Use AMP for all supported pages Set “No” to select supported pages manually
Use AMP at Select the pages that will use AMP
Force AMP activation on Allows to force AMP activation for mobile and tablet devices


General section

Option Description
Theme Select AMP theme to use
Logo Allows you to upload unique logo for AMP theme. Otherwise, logo from desktop theme will be used

Product Page

Product page section

Option Description
Image Width Image width is read-only value
Image Height Use this value to switch between vertical and horizontal images
Use full “Add to Cart” mode for all supported products Allows to switch between full “Add to Cart” section and “Configure and Buy” button. “Configure and Buy” mode will hide “Add to Cart” button and show “Configure and Buy” link instead, that will open a desktop version of the product page.
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