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Known Issues

Old libxml library

A lot of shared hostings are using archaic version of libxml library that does not support amp-compatible html markup. When you are seeing the following error:

AMP validation had errors:
The mandatory tag 'noscript enclosure for boilerplate' is missing or incorrect.

That means that DOMDocument parser can’t place <noscript> tag properly according to AMP requirements.

There are two ways of solving this issue:

  • Contact your hosting and request a libxml library upgrade (2.8.0 or newer is required)
  • Disable third-party Magento module that uses DOMDocument parser

Wordpress pagination is not working

This bug is caused by incorrect url builder usage by Fishpig_Wordpress module.

Open app/code/community/Fishpig/Wordpress/Block/Post/List/Pager.php and find the following lines:

return rtrim($this->getUrl('*/*/*', array(
    '_current' => true,
    '_escape' => true,
    '_use_rewrite' => true,
    '_query' => array('___refresh' => null),
)), '/') . '/' . $slug;

Replace them with

return rtrim($this->getUrl('*/*/*', array(
    '_current' => true,
    '_escape' => true,
    '_use_rewrite' => true,
    '_query' => array(
        '___refresh' => null,
        $pageVarName => isset($params[$pageVarName]) ? $params[$pageVarName] : null
)), '/');
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